about "lauren"

hello! i am lauren (she/her), a nineeen year-old student who loves making earrings inspired by her favorite singers. here are some facts about me!

☆ i'm based a Good Distance from seattle, washington and now i got to college in new york city!

 i've had a harry styles cutout in my room since my eleventh birthday

☆ my favorite harry styles song is "fine line" and it definitely is one of my favorite songs of all time <3

 i'm filipina and proud!

☆ i feel like i'm describing myself for a college discussion post 

 i love kraft mac and cheese

☆ this website probably looks messy, and that's embarrassing because i'm majoring in New Media & Digital Design (and i'm minoring in Film) :) 

that is me! the fact that it's a selfie is embarrassing... (yes, the initial rings are inspired by harry <333)


i love you!!! i hope you have an amazing day. thank you so much for supporting me. <333