jewelry care tips + tricks

hi everyone! these are my tips and tricks to keep your earrings in the best shape as possible. these care tips are super simple, and will make your journey with the earrings much more smoother and longer!

♡ MOST IMPORTANT: please keep your earrings away from moisture as MUCH AS YOU CAN! this includes perfumes, facial moisturizers and lotions, sunscreen, and water in general.

♡ SECOND MOST IMPORTANT: please keep all earrings in a dry space when not being worn, humidity and humid environments cause the metal to lose their wear fast, and it breaks my heart! if not a dry space, a closed container or bag is perfect!

♡ remove all earrings when SLEEPING and SHOWERING

♡ if you're exercising, i recommend not wearing the earrings as sweat can cause them to lose their wear sooner!

i hope you absolutely love the earrings, and if you use these tips and tricks, they will stay with you in perfect condition forever and ever!